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From: David Cole <dave@nk7z.net>
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Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:21:06 -0700
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100% agree!  Glad this helped!  Please keep me posed on what you come up
with in your local area.  It helps me with ideas for keeping Oregon RFI

I try and never even refer to a grow operation as such, I just call it a
horticultural light, and never speak good or bad about the legalization
aspects...  All I care about is RFI...  That is the mind set I try and
put forth, and as an aside my actual belief as well...  RFI bad...
Nothing more...   
Thanks and 73's,
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> I get that you don't want your name brought up so just stick to the
> RFI part and how this is a commercial-scale operation in a residential
> area and not discuss the larger issue.
> Your city council rep needs to be made aware of how many grow sites
> are in your neighborhood.  Tell them that, while you are *sure* they
> are completely legal, they are creating a nuisance.  Your state reps
> need to hear the same thing.  Both need to hear the message that
> otherwise completely legal  commercial-scale grow sites (run by Kind
> People That Just Want To Help) don't belong in residential areas.
> If you can get general location, the cops can confirm if it's a legal
> grow site but from some of the law enforcement sites I looked at, they
> can't get much else.  They need probably cause to get a warrant
> because I didn't see any indication that there was any requirement
> that grow sites allow for inspections.
> In short, your state's pot laws need re-thinking!  Way too many
> loopholes and unintended consequences.
> There is a pot law thing on Oklahoma's ballot this fall and this has
> given me new perspective on it.  I'm not necessarily against
> legalizing pot, but I am definitely against poorly-written laws.  And
> this "medical" law seems like a dumb idea.  If it's to be legalized,
> then treat it like alcohol and tobacco with all the taxation and
> regulation that goes along with that.
> And get a section written that says "all grow sites must comply with
> relevant FCC regulations"!!
> LEGAL NOTICE:  While I am not a barber (but will soon need a haircut)
> this advice should be labeled "barbershop advice" if offered as
> evidence in any legal proceeding!

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