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[RFI] Good 2-line phones?

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Subject: [RFI] Good 2-line phones?
From: David G. Henderson" <daveh@erie.net (David G. Henderson)
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 12:16:56 -0500
On 9 Jan 00, at 11:31, Eric Rosenberg/Jennifer Gruber <wd3q@erols.com> wrote:
> For all the talk about the inexpensive RS bullet-proof (RFI
> resistant) phones, can anyone recommend any 2-line phones that
> are relatively RFI-immune? 
> Eric W3DQ
> wd3q@erols.com

Hi Eric,

A good two-line phone (albeit, not inexpensive) in operation here is 
the Nortel Meridian series.

It suffers constant bombardment from computer and RF sources in 
the home and directly in the shack environment.  Never heard a hint 
of RFI on it.  Running data and voice modes from HF through UHF.

These phone are also being used in my office where computers and 
higher wattage VHF equipment is being used.  And also in the 
Township EOC, HF and VHF environment.

Phone has nice features too.

73, Dave, N3EOY

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