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Re: [RFI] Wired vs Wireless Routers for RFI

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Wired vs Wireless Routers for RFI
From: Phil Duff & Ann Duff <na4m@arrl.net>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 01:25:52 +0000
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Betcha a lot of these birdies are from switching type wall warts 
powering the routers.

Build a little sniffer from a couple small loops of wire on the end of a 
short piece of small coax. Plug one end into the radios antenna input 
and put the loop end close to the wall warts and check for noise.   
Radio Shack (eek!) sells (or used to sell?)  plug in wall "AC Adapters" 
(12vdc @ 1a & not switchers I think) that might be worth trying to 
replace noisy wall wart switchers. 

I use a LinkSys WRT54GS wireless router that doesn't seem to bother me 
with any noticeable birdies with it's factory supplied wall wart.   YMMV!

73 Phil NA4M

Kelly Johnson wrote:
> Can someone share with me the expected birdie frequencies for these
> routers?  I use a Netgear wired router and a Netgear wireless router
> and I've never noticed any birdies from either of them.  The only
> birdies I see on 20m are 60KHz apart and apparently coming from
> another house since I can DF them with my yagi and eliminate them by
> orienting my yagi in the appropriate direction.  What typical
> residential devices would generate birdies at 60Khz intervals?  It
> sounds like a typical switching power supply, but for what?  A PC?

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Phil Duff NA4M & Ann Duff
Georgetown, Texas

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