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Re: [RFI] LCD TV wipes out AM BC band - UPDATE Report

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Subject: Re: [RFI] LCD TV wipes out AM BC band - UPDATE Report
From: tuxman <roncasa@verizon.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 15:31:41 -0500
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 This is interesting ...
First of all, why would anyone want to listen to AM three feet in front 
a LCD set is beyond
me. But I must apologize for asking this because I did not catch this 
thread when it started.

My replying is to share an experience with my LCD screen.

I have a Sony 60 incher and needed to use my wireless receiver to enable 
me to hear
the tellie.
This is a infrared unit, a transmitter at the tellie, and a batt op 
receiver with headphones
with the user. Of course, it is more than 25 years old!
(when you have a handicap like I have, you tend to take extra care of 
the necessities that
help you hear)

Making the change to LCD from "analog" tellies, I was in shock!
A terrible and strong hash noise was heard burying program audio.
My receiver was picking up the screen noise! I block the receiver sensor 
and it went away!

Now, I watch the tellie with a newer product without the hash.

I wonder if that is what you are experiencing?
(the RF hash is coming from the screen itself)
Do not forget that my old receiver is "line of sight"
Perhaps the noise subsides somewhat the further away you go?

Ron, wb1hga
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