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[RFI] RE: Computer generated RFI

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Subject: [RFI] RE: Computer generated RFI
From: na4m@arrl.net (Phil Duff)
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 05:15:08 +0000
At 13:32 11/19/01 -0600, Wendell Wyly  W5FL wrote:
>I was more concerned about the computer and motherboard, but the new Athlon
>1600 with Asus A7V133 motherboard in a well shielded Antec cabinet is also

I'm considering putting together a new system that would reside on the 
shack radio

Any strong recommendations pro/con as to the computer case, power-supply, 
motherboard, etc
specifically regarding computer generated RFI.      Hard to work weak DX 
thru computer
generated rfi.

At present I'm looking at building with an Antec SX630 case with their 300w 
p.s., AMD Athlon T-bird
1200 (266 FSB) on a Shuttle AK31 motherboard.

Are there any mini/mid tower cases that are known to be better at 
containing RFI than others??
They all seem to have FCC Class B etc. rating.     Same question for 
motherboards, etc.

73 Phil NA4M

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Phil Duff NA4M     na4m@arrl.net   Georgetown, Texas  

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