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Re: [RFI] Power Line Noise in Indonesia

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Power Line Noise in Indonesia
From: Phil Duff NA4M <na4m@arrl.net>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 16:26:43 +0000
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At 14:52 7/19/2004, Chuck O'Neal wrote:
In my years of locating and having the local, very cooperative, power company repair line noises, we have found that the vast majority of radiated line noise is due to bad splices, connections and tie wires, not insulators. The characteristic of a noisy connection is that it goes away during rain. The few insulator problems seen were worsened during rain.

A year or so ago I had our local community owned utility guys out to fix a problem I had tracked down to a pole or poles across the street.

Interestingly during their visit my conversation with the crew foreman on the ground directing the guy in the bucket revealed that many problems are caused by induced voltages in hardware that is not attached to the hot wire(s).

That was one problem on the pole they fixed. They had to attach a ground wire to a pole hardware bracket that was hot and arcing from induced voltage from the hot line even though the bracket was some feet away from the hot wire.

The utility had recently upgraded the system from 7200 to 14400 volts. This in turn had exacerbated the induced voltage problem on this particular pole. I found it interesting that hardware in some cases several feet away from the hot line(s) could create arcing/etc. from induced voltages. The foreman told of linemen being shocked and knocked down by these inducted voltages.

73 Phil NA4M

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