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Re: [RFI] U-Verse problem update

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Subject: Re: [RFI] U-Verse problem update
From: Donald Hill <aa5au@aa5au.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 14:33:59 -0800 (PST)
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I just got U-verse a couple weeks ago.  It's FTTN.  At the customer interface 
box outside my house, they ran CAT5 to the radio room where the modem is 
installed.  From the modem they connected to an existing 75 coax run (can't 
if it's RG-59 or RG-6 but I think it's 59) back to the where the 75 ohm coax 
home runs terminate to a splitter.  The technician replaced all connectors on 
all 75 ohm coax runs and replaced the splitter with one that will pass their 
data.  There are three TV boxes, each having a coax run back to this splitter.  
The TV in the radio room is ethernet to the modem as is my shack computer.  
Keying 100 watts on 40 and 80 meters locked up the boxes on all the TVs where 
the boxes were connected to coax.  The Internet stayed up on the shack computer 
and the radio room TV was unaffected.

I checked the splitter outside and the technician failed to reconnect the 
wire.  So I connected the ground wire.  I was able to run low power on 40 and 
but not on 15 meters for some reason (all tests were done using FSK RTTY 100% 
duty cycle when keyed).  I was unable to run high power over 300 watts.  Still 
the devices connected to Ethernet were unaffected.  I ran a temporary CAT5 
through the house to the master bedroom box and connected it to the modem.  I 
can run any band at any power (up to 500 watts capability of my amps) with no 
problems.  No problems on the Internet or shack TV.  My thought is that I am 
getting RF into the coax.  I plan on running CAT6e cable home runs from the 
modem to TV boxes in the master bedroom, living room and kitchen.  There are 4 
Ethernet ports on the modem.  I will connect those three TV boxes to Ethernet 
along with the shack computer (all other computers in the house are wireless).  
I will then connect the shack TV to one of the 75 ohm coax inputs on the 
I "think" this might clear everything up.

I had read archives of this reflector where U-Verse users had to change from 
Ethernet to coax to eliminate the RFI.  My solution appears to be the 
The other alternative would be to run new RG-6 to each TV but I want to try the 
Ethernet solution first.

Any thoughts?

73, Don AA5AU

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From: Joe <wa6rkn@gmail.com>
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Sent: Tue, February 15, 2011 3:18:39 PM
Subject: Re: [RFI] U-Verse problem update

What bothers me about this is that U-verse in not conducted by copper 
cabling..it is all optical fibre...how is an RF signal getting in and being 
carried by fibre?

My next door neighbor has U-verse and is not affected by anything I do..his 
Dish and cable (Charter) was...I could not use 6 meters with the amplifier 
in the evening...which was no biggie, as he was at work during the day.  My 
75 meter work was getting into his telephone and his fax machine...and THAT 
was a big worry.  But..after U-verse came in and put in the full optical 
cable right up to his modem...all problems went away, no matter what power I 
run or where.  (Legal limit on down)

My neighbor behind me is always complaining how the CD'ers re tearing him 
up...I don't have the heart to accept the blame...the Astroplane antenna'ed 
CB'er in the next block is the culprit there.  HAR HAR!

Joe Wolfe
Reno, Nevada

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From: "Vince" <rradiohham232@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: [RFI] U-Verse problem update

The next week three workers showed up from
> U-Verse and rerouted his feed line from the pole to the other side of
> the house, and it looks as they put in a shielded wire from the pole,
> something that was not in place with the original installation, this
> also shortened the coax feed to his router, I was not there when they
> did this, but he had phoned me at the time.
> Since this work was done on his U-Verse system , everything is working
> fine now, he can now transmit on all the bands and use the amplifier. I
> have waited for some time to give a update on this to see how everything
>  has worked out in the long run.

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