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Re: [RFI] U-Verse problem update

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Subject: Re: [RFI] U-Verse problem update
From: "Jeff AC0C" <jeff@ac0c.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 14:37:17 -0600
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Can you test to see if the effect is not present when transmitting below 3.650 

In a local problem, we found there was a very pronounced roll off in the 
sensitivity of Uverse above about 3.50 Mhz.  That's fine 
but in my case, I spend all the time at 3.6 or below.

Wondered if you had better luck.

I don't have Uverse anymore because of it's sensitivity to RF.  However, a lot 
of guys have asked about this and I am interested to 
see if others have specific test successes on the 80m band.

73, Jeff ACØC

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From: Vince
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 1:53 PM
Subject: [RFI] U-Verse problem update

To the RFI group,

Several months ago I posted  a question about a problem that a friend
that has U-Verse had. Well here is the update on this, he was having a
problem when transmitting on 75 meters and freezing up his U-Verse
system completely, this was the Phone, TV and Internet, even at the
lowest power setting, even after we tried several things and nothing helped.

So he called  U-Verse, and a repair man came out and tried several
things with no help, but he said that he would contact his office to see
what could be done, I was there for this visit to see what he would do
to solve that problem. The next week three workers showed up from
U-Verse and rerouted his feed line from the pole to the other side of
the house, and it looks as they put in a shielded wire from the pole,
something that was not in place with the original installation, this
also shortened the coax feed to his router, I was not there when they
did this, but he had phoned me at the time.

Since this work was done on his U-Verse system , everything is working
fine now, he can now transmit on all the bands and use the amplifier. I
have waited for some time to give a update on this to see how everything
  has worked out in the long run.

U-Verse has to be commended for their quick and positives resolution,
many times we are quick to complain about something, but do not comment
when someone does something right. The bottom line on this is, if you
are having a similar problem, it can be solved if you contact the right

So in closing I would like to thank U-Verse for their help in solving
this problem even thought it was not for me personally, I was just
trying to help a ham friend and learn about how to solve a problem like
this so that I can maybe help others that may encounter a similar problem.

73 to all, and thanks for the replies on the RFI group
Vince, K6BIR
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