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Subject: [RFI] Video
From: k5uj at hotmail.com (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Thu Aug 7 13:16:51 2003
No, the stacatto popping noise was distinctive--not at all like ignition 
noise.  Also, in all but one case the s meter showed a pretty strong signal. 
   Notice the knob twirlling to show how broad the signal was.  the thing to 
keep in mind is this noise will be there all the time and all over the 
bands.  It's important to notice during the parts where cw and phone signals 
are being received, how loud the BPL RFI was relative to the desired signals 
and imagine trying to copy someone through that.  My only suggestion is that 
the worst case at the very end, be put closer to the beginning since it's 
the real eye-opener.

Rob Atkinson

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