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RE: [RFI] RFI FROM nearby AM station

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Subject: RE: [RFI] RFI FROM nearby AM station
From: "Patrick A. Thompson Sr." <wa4tukhr@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 20:47:08 -0500
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I live about 3 miles from a 10kw station on 990khz.  I also have an IC-746.

I've got enough RF coupled into my 256ft horizontal loop, used against
ground on 160, to cause an old fashioned SWR bridge into its field strength
port read up scale with noticeable modulation!

I had broadcast overload on 160 until I started using an external matching
unit (tee match style MFJ-969). I still get interference at the 2nt harmonic
but the overload is gone and 160 is usable. In this mode I don't use the
746's internal tuner. This might be the most satisfactory solution. Maybe
you could borrow a tuning unit for evaluation.

I built, years ago, a high pass filter into a Radio Shack variable
attenuator originally made for CATV use. That helped a DX-440 (consumer
quality SWL receiver) perform well. I had video sweep gear available and was
delighted to see a nice knee at 1600khz and 28 db or so rejection.  The
design was right out of the ARRL handbook. It was not designed for transmit

If you go the homemade filter route, check your junk box for discarded audio
cassette recorders.  I found a useful adjustable coil from the bias
oscillator section.

You might also consider a pair of bypass relays for transmitting.


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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I am looking for a practical, reasonable-cost way to keep RF from a nearby
AM broadcast station out of the receiver of my IC746 when I have a 160M
half-sloper connected to it. The station is three miles away, transmitting
1 KW on 1340 KHz.

I would like to notch the station out, if possible, so I
can listen to other BCB and LF stations on the half-sloper when I am not
using it for transmitting. If that's not possible, I would guess a
high-pass filter is my next alternative, but I will entertain all

The IC746 doesn't have a separate RX port, so I need a filter with 50-Ohm
ports that is capable of handling 100 Watts in transceive service.

I welcome your input.

Tom, KT9OM

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