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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 16:52:55 -0600
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I first used the line-operated FM carrier intercoms around 25 years ago,
with good success at that time.  That was in the Chicago suburbs.  I kept
the units thru a number of moves and still have them here in rural Iowa.  I
had planned to use them temporarily in my new house until I have the time
to install all of the stations for a wired system.  (I pulled hundreds of
feet of wire to all locations for an intercom as selected by my wife while
we were building the house.)  Believe it  or not, disaster.  Two problems:
lamp dimmers and electric fence chargers.  I don't own an electric fence
charger, but some of my neighbors do.  (See the recent thread on those
devices.  I have not yet had time to find out who owns what type and how

We have several dimmers in the house.  The do NOT affect regular HF
operations, but my antennas are well away from the house (200 feet or
more).  The "wireless" FM intercoms seem to operate somewhere in between
160 and 80 meters, an area very prone to line conducted noise.  Anyway, we
are waiting until I can get the wired system up and running.  Bear in mind
my units are old, newer ones may have use a better frequency range or have
a better means to combat line-conducted noise.  Anyway, not a viable option
at my QTH these days.

73, Dale

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Has anyone had experience with wireless intercoms -- the type that work by
conducting an FM signal on the house wiring -- in a ham household?  I don't

bother phone, TVs or my wife's computer, so I'm hopeful but would like to
tap the group's experience.

73, Pete N4ZR
Happy Holidays
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