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[CQ-Contest] SARTG WW RTTY Contest 2019

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] SARTG WW RTTY Contest 2019
From: <cosson-dimitri@bbox.fr>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 15:48:03 +0000
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Sponsored by the
Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group

Third full weekend in August

17 - 18 August 2019

 Contest Periods:

Three (3) separate periods: 

0000 - 0800 UTC Saturday
1600 - 2400 UTC Saturday
0800 - 1600 UTC Sunday


80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 m.

  A: Single Operator / Single TX / All Band 
B: Single Operator / Single Band 
C: Multi Operator / Single TX / All Band 
D: SWL / All Band 
E: Single Operator / Single TX / All Band / Low Power (max 100 Watts) 

NOTE 1: Single operator all band entrants may also enter one single band entry 
of their choice. 

NOTE 2: DX spotting and alerting assistance is permitted in all classes. 

NOTE 3: "Single TX" means only one transmitted signal is allowed on air at the 
same time.


RTTY only.


RST + QSO number, starting with 001.

 QSO Points:
  QSO with own country, 5 points. 
QSO with other countries in own continent, 10 points. 
QSO with other continents, 15 points. 

Same station can be worked once on each band.


Each DXCC country on each band, including first contact with Australia, Canada, 
Japan and USA. Additionally, each call area in VK, VE, JA and W will count as 
one (1) multiplier on each band (W1, WA4, JA2, VK4). 
NOTE: Stations operating from call areas other than their call ID, __must use 
’/x’ for their actual call area, i.e. K5DJ/1.


Sum of QSO points x sum of multipliers = TOTAL SCORE.

  Log Robot: 
Cabrillo logs can be uploaded directly to our log robot http://ua9qcq.com. The 
robot checks the log and a claimed list is also available. The robot is the 
prefered way of log submission.
Email log submissions: 
The Cabrillo format is prefered but not mandatory. Please make sure that you 
fill in the Cabrillo header correctly and name the file callsign.log. An 
additional and COMPLETELY separate single band of choice log for Single Op all 
bands entrants must show the same information as above and be named with your 
callsign_band.log, i.e. sm7bhm_80.log. 

Information on Cabrillo format for SARTG contest can be found here. Contest 
name is SARTG-RTTY. 

Users of "RTTY" by WF1B should convert their files. A conversion program can be 
found here. 

For non-Cabrillo entries only two files are required, callsign.all and 
callsign.sum. These logs must be in chronological order and show: band, 
date/time (UTC), call sign, exchange message sent and received, multipliers and 
QSO points.

Please submit electronic logs as plain ASCII-files. Do not send Word, Excel or 
ADIF-files as they create extra work as they have to manually be converted to 
ASCII-files before processing. 

Multi-Op stations must include the call signs and names of all operators 
Paper log submissions: 
The log must be in chronological order showing the same information as required 
for electronic ones. In addition, a written summary sheet must be submitted. 
For logs of more than 100 QSOs also dupe sheet and multiplier sheet must be 

Check logs:
Check logs are very much appreciated, they are used for cross checking of all 
Your comments will be very much appreciated.


To the top stations in each class if the number of QSOs is reasonable.

 Logs Deadline:

Logs must be received by September 12 to qualify. 
Mail logs to: 

SARTG Contest Manager
Ewe Håkansson, SM7BHM
Pilspetsvägen 4

Email to: 



SARTG Web Site:
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