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[RTTY] Hank Scharfe, W6SKC SK

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Subject: [RTTY] Hank Scharfe, W6SKC SK
From: k0bx@qsl.net (k0bx@qsl.net)
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 04:55:10 +0000
The following is a message I received:

"A RTTY pioneer, inventor and long time friend, W6SKC died of a heart
on 23 April in Nogales, Arizona.  Hank, you recall was the owner of

Thought maybe you might want to mention this in the DX Hog, perhaps
are a few DX-ers that knew of him or at least his RTTY terminal units.

Mel, k0pfx"

I have meet Hank several times in the 70/80's at Dayton.  He is the one
that Made the Dovetron Terminal units and always had a ad on the back of
the RTTY Journal.  His TU was way ahead of it times and still as good as

Joe K0BX

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