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Re: [SD-User] V15.59 released

To: Paul O'Kane <>
Subject: Re: [SD-User] V15.59 released
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 22:01:33 -0500
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During the REF CW contest this past weekend, one anomoly occurred:

After closing the program using END ... and then, later, opening it  
again ... when it came up .. I tried to change to another band BEFORE  
making a QSO ... the upper 'window' in which band-by-band info is  
displayed simply started flashing over and over .. and the band did  
NOT change .. attempt to change to 20m moved the cursor to QSO # 20 !   
The flashing continued .. so  I closed the window, as END would not  

To cure the problem, I was able to move the cursor up to the last QSO  
and change the band there ... then return to the input area and log  
the next contact ... then return to the previous QSO and change the  
band back to what it had been.

Frustrating at the time .. but it only happened when I tried to change  
band before making first QSO after reopening SD.


Quoting Paul O'Kane <>:

> V15.59          1st March 2012
> WAPC - Worked all Provinces of China:
>      Added direct support for both sides of this
>      new event.  SD is unrestricted in WAPC, with
>      no need for any users to register or have an
>      up-to-date key file:
> CQIR - Ireland Calling.
>      This event takes place on St. Patrick's Day,
>      17th March, to celebrate 80 years of IRTS.
>      SD is unrestricted in CQIR, with no need for
>      any users to register or have an up-to-date
>      key file.
>      Russian stations in RDXC, which overlaps with
>      CQIR, send a 2-character district code instead
>      of a serial.  SD's serial field is truncated
>      to two characters when appropriate.
> Unrestricted Contest Options:
>      In addition to WAPC and CQIR, SD is now
>      unrestricted, and free to everyone, in the
>      following contests - no need to register.
>      RSGB Commonwealth (BERU)
>      CW Open
>      CWops Mini Tests
>      FOC Marathon
>      FOC QSO Party
>      IRTS 80m Counties
>      INORC Contest
> Dupe Checking:
>      When using rig control in contests with 5
>      or fewer bands, dupe checking failed after
>      switching the rig to an unused band. Fixed,
>      thanks EI7GY.
> WinKey:
>      At times, after running for a couple of
>      hours, the WPM display from WinKey froze -
>      even though the actual speed could be
>      changed as normal.  The WKINIT command
>      has been updated to fix this problem.
> DARC 10m Contest:
>      Fixed Cabrillo format - thanks DK9TN.
> __________________________________________________
> If you find new bugs in V15.59, please post details
> to this mailing list.  Older versions are not
> supported, so you should first confirm that the
> problem exists in this version.
> Please let me know what you would like to see
> changed or added.
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI
> _______________________________________________
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