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Re: [SD-User] Error 6 when using Super Partial Check (SPC)

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Error 6 when using Super Partial Check (SPC)
From: Steve Rawlings <>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 14:31:52 +0000
List-post: <>
PC problem resolved!

I am very grateful to Paul for telephoning me to clarify the details, and
for pointing me in the right direction.  Unbeatable product support!  

(And I still feel bad about giving Paul some duff information during our
telephone conversation . . .   causing Paul to offer to re-write his code -
just to improve the chance of getting his fine SD-DOS software to work on
my ancient PC!)

Anyway, as expected, there was nothing wrong with SD.  The problem turned
out to be a corrupt MASTER.DTA file.  Using Netscape 4.6, I had _twice_
downloaded the MASTER.DTA file from:
and ended up with the Error 6 on both occasions.

After talking with Paul, I then downloaded MASTER.DTA a third time; but,
this time, using MS Internet Explorer.  This instantly fixed the problem.

So it looks like I get to keep my old 386 laptop PC for a while yet . . .
but Netscape 4.6 (on our main 'family computer') has to go.

Regards to all,
Steve GW4ALG

> Steve Rawlings wrote:
> Greetings from Chepstow.
> My PC has developed a fault that only seems to show itself when I run
> SD-DOS, and I wondered if anyone can help to pin down the cause.  I'm using
> a 386 Toshiba Laptop, Model T1850.  There seem to be a number of steps
> involving SPC that will trigger it, but here is one reliable scenario:
> 1) Start SD from DOS
> 2) Enter registered Callsign (gw4alg, in my case)
> 3) Enter Contest Name of TEST3
> 4) Contest Type = 2
> 5) Press <return> to accept defaults on the Callsign; Name; and Address
> fields.
> 6) Enter C (for CQWW) and wait . . .
> 7) Enter MODE = CW
> 8) Press <return> to accept CQ Zone 14
> 9) Press <return> to accept Y, and go to the next page
> 10) Type GW4 into the callsign field
> 11) Press F12
> 12) I then observe 'Error 6 at pgm-ctr: 232536'
> 13) A PC re-start is now required to escape.
> Any suggestions for resolving the problem would be most welcome.
> Regards to all,
> Steve GW4ALG
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