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[SD-User] multi contests this weekend

Subject: [SD-User] multi contests this weekend
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 00:31:14 +0100
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 I had expected to only have time for part of the 21/28 mHz contest.
I now find I will have a much freer weekend than I expected. There are
several other contests some of which overlap.

Would someone with more experience please advise me on how to configure SD
to cope with various overlaps which have different logging requirements. ie
start logging in oceania dx contest, find a rich seam of UBA on 80m and then
interleave with 15m/10m later sunday morning. Coping with requests for and
recording received WAB squares along the way.

My questions are simple. l intended to operate generally and then send in
check logs
a. should I run one log with sequential serials, or try to switch between
different logs with their unique set of serials.
2. If I use only one log is there a way to record the extra data received

3. if check logs are sent in I assume that they will need to be separated
out into each contest. non contiguous serials would not be a problem as it
is only a check log?


peter G8AFN
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