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[TenTec] Problem With Jupiter and Hercules II ?

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Subject: [TenTec] Problem With Jupiter and Hercules II ?
From: w9wis@charter.net (Michael Melland)
Date: Sun Aug 10 16:16:42 2003
I set up my new to me Jupiter this afternoon and all was well... until I
decided to hook it up with my Hercules II amplifier.

I set the keying loop on on the Jup main menue and hooked to TX Out + TX EN
to the Herc's Key In + Key Out as normal with a Ten-Tec QSK amp.... but....

Herc II in QSK position as it should be for Ten-Tec rigs..... no transmit.
I can hear the relay in the Herc II but no output.  The Jupiter does not
switch to transmit... no RF output on the Jupiter.

Herc II switch to Relay position the Jupiter transmits RF out and the Herc
II seems to work fine.

What have I forgotten to do ?  Ten-Tec rigs always work QSK with the Ten-Tec
amps.... or has something changed ?

1. TX in/out and Key in/out cables are in right spots
2. tried different cables
3. Herc still works normally in QSK position with Omni V.9
4. Jupiter menue has key loop set to "ON"

Help ??? Some setting I'm missing ?

Mike, W9WIS

Michael Melland, W9WIS
Winneconne, Wisconsin USA EN54pc
qrp-l #1656 - qrparci # 9875 - iparc #252
ars #1075  -  http://webpages.charter.net/w9wis/

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