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[TenTec] K2 CW Break-in Performance

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Subject: [TenTec] K2 CW Break-in Performance
From: erics@elecraft.com (Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, EleCraft)
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 11:33:35 -0700
Hi Chester,

I'm concerned you may be misinformed on the CW break-in performance of
the K2. Both Wayne. N6KR, and myself are avid CW operators. As a result
we made excellent CW break-in performance a requirement for the K2. Both
of us are using the rigs daily to test them. So far we and our field
testers have been very pleased with its CW operation.

We included the following features specifically for CW op's:

1. Smooth diode switched TX/RX break in with no clicks or thumps.
2. Adjustable CW side-tone with tracking RX CW pitch.
3. Adjustable CW side-tone level (separate from the regular volume
4. Selectable CW normal/reverse sideband reception.
5. Narrow IF filtering (500Hz, 250Hz optional)
6. Very fast IF derived AGC (which can also be turned off).

I do recall some other recently introduced rigs are using relay
switching and audio filtering. Could you have been thinking of one of

73,  Eric   WA6HHQ


You wrote on Sat, 05 Sep 1998 06:24:17 -0400 on the tentec reflector:

Re: [TenTec] Need HF Rig Recommendation

Hi Rich...I would suggest hanging on a little longer and getting a
2 as it has a few more refinements than the Corsair 1. While the TS-830
is a good
little rig, if you want the best CW rig, your going to have to look long
hard to find anything better than the Corsair 2. Be very careful of the
as I hear it has very poor QSK. Good luck Rich.

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