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[TenTec] Scout PTO question

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout PTO question
From: wb2vuf@qsl.net (Bwana Bob)
Date: Tue Aug 19 23:19:14 2003
Yes, this is normal because it uses a spring riding on a shaft to
maintain tension on the coil slug. At one end of the tuning range the
spring is compressed. The Scout PTO mechanism looks like a miniature
version of the bigger PTO's. The spring tension is set by 3 nylon
spacers on the brass spring shaft. Removing one spacer will reduce the
spring tension, but may also make the tuning sloppy, so I never tried
that. If you try removing spacers, let me know how it works. Light
grease on the PTO lead screw may also reduce the stiffness.

                         Bob WB2VUF


"Tracy, Michael, KC1SX" wrote:
> All this talk of PTO rebuilding makes me wonder about the Scout that I bought 
> some months ago.  The PTO in it turns fairly easily on one end of the range, 
> but gets progressively tighter when tuning toward the other end.  Is this 
> normal?
> 73, Michael Tracy, KC1SX
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