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[TenTec] ORION Returns

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Subject: [TenTec] ORION Returns
From: wa2pvk@msn.com (WILLIAM MANSEY)
Date: Sat Aug 2 10:59:46 2003
    My Orion is also aging rather well and Ten-Tec can NOT have it back!  I 
would consider letting them "borrow" it if, and when, some update (such as the 
Omni VI upgrade to Option 3) requires it to go back for a visit.   
    I am quite pleased with this rig and do not feel that I have not gotten my 
money's worth.  I am not a demanding operator and "technically" do not need a 
rig this good BUT that does not mean that I can not enjoy it as much as anyone 
else.  My only gripe is that the Orion gets dust on it!  A rig this expensive 
should have digital dust repulsion circuitry built in - although I would 
probably settle for the analog version if I had to.  Perhaps a future firmware 
update will address the dust issue.  :-)    
    Lest someone think I am being sarcastic or am making fun of "legitimate" 
complaints let me state that this IS NOT the case.  My Email program has a 
flame suppressor.
    One "good" thing about Orions that are returned is that some lucky people 
get to buy one of them off Ten-Tec's "used and demo equipment" list.   73,  Bill

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