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[TenTec] RE: first Orion interior shots

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Subject: [TenTec] RE: first Orion interior shots
From: w4wbt@fmci.net (Bill Taylor(W4WBT))
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:07:16 -0400
Scott mentioned that the tuner would be purchased from an outside 
vendor. It most likely will not be the LGC as they are just not the 
quality of this radio however it may be the SGC tuner. they have one 
for OEM and I will tell you that I have used 3 of them in the last 5 
years(all still working) and they are 100% top grade.
Bill Taylor

>Yep, it sure looks like that big box is going to be pretty much stuffed full.
>And it all looks like quality and performance from here. In fact, it looks
>like an almost finalized design ready for the production line. GOOD! I'm
>looking forward to delivery of mine.
>I ordered mine with the optional antenna tuner - those standoffs may be where
>that goes. Or maybe something else will fit in there.
>73  to all  Pete Allen  AC5E
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