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Topband: your opinions (N7DF)

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Subject: Topband: your opinions (N7DF)
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Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 15:29:30 -0400
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If you had 20,000 acres of clear, level?land available and a couple of
thousand dollars to spend from selling some old equipment, what type of 160
meter receiving antennas would you build?


Location is everything and what may work best for me, may not be your best
choice. Will this land be isolated? Are the animals roaming, deer elk,
bison, cows? Could humans on horses traverse the land(big potential
problem?) Hunters? 

First of all, I, like the US Air Force used to do with their SAC SSB
stations, would locate my receiving antennas as far away from my
transmitting antenna as possible. Tom W8JI has good information about this
idea on his website. 

For my dream NH station, I'd start with either four single wire one
wavelength Beverages NE, SE, SW and NW or two bi-directional antennas
pointed in the same direction. Next two to add would be N-S although we may
not have the Polar conditions we have had the last few years and they may
not be that helpful. 

In a discussion with K3LR about what is the "best" receiving antenna, Tim
emphasized the need for alternatives as one type of antenna may not always
be the best choice for given conditions. I'd consider K7TJR's four square
receiving array (Hi-Z antennas) and a K9AY array as additional choices.

FWIW, with money and land as no object, I'd build a directional transmitting

Just some random thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon while I hide in the


Craig Clark K1QX
PO Box 209
Rindge NH 03461
603 899 6957

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