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Topband: Radial wire selection and installation

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Subject: Topband: Radial wire selection and installation
From: (Harold Smith)
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 23:36:23 -0500

I installed some out-door lights for a friend. They were ground mounted and
the 8 sided water-resistant box was below ground level. Using normal wire
nuts, the fuse blew after the first heavy rain. The inside of the box was
black. I cleaned the connections and used the waterproof wire nuts and it
never happened again. that was 8 years ago.
One could also fill a normal wire nut with silicon paste. Make sure that the
wire nut is full of silicon, no air traped in,and that the wires are not
stripped back very far. Silicon paste will not effect the conductive at all.
It is used in X-Ray HV connectors at up to 110kV and filament currents of 4
to 5 amps. These currents must be very stable.

They also make waterproof crimp splices. The ends are like shrink tubing and
they are filled with an anti-seize/ waterproofing compound. You finish the
connection with match on the ends. The compound will ooze out.

I hope that this is some help.

73 de Price
WØRI and BY1QH op with Mern K9FD on 160 meters Jan '98

 PS   I still have the logs, if anyone needs a QSL. Merv is now KH6JJ

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> John:
> You can also get waterproof wire nuts at Home Depot. They are larger than
> normal and have an anti-seize compond built in
> They are designed for electrical connections in wet locations.
> 73 de Price
> Price, that sounds like a terrific product.  Do you have any info on life
> expectancy of the connections?
> 73
> Larry, N9DX

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