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Topband: No ears

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Subject: Topband: No ears
From: (charles Lewis)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 08:39:27 -0800 (PST)
I have one of those despised installations you guys
talk about that is "all mouth and (almost) no ears."
Should I just give up on 160 meters and go away, or
should I stick around and keep trying for the benefit
of those fortunate few with powerful enough signals to
rise above my very high Equatorial QRN occasionally?

It worries me to fire up on the band blind.  The best
I can do is check the DX-Summit to see if there are
any spots on my intended frequency before I transmit. 
When I do manage to work anyone, it bothers me to know
that very many are calling futilely who have no chance
whatever of ever being heard by me.

Can anyone help me with my receiving dilemma?  Despite
 living next to a 600kW 1530kHz transmitter and even
closer to a 20kW 945kHz transmitter, usually my
primary limiting factor is atmospheric QRN.  Beverage
antennas are out of the question.  I would experiment
with flags or pennants if someone would lend me a
suitable matching/isolation transformer for a couple
of years.  I suppose my old Ameco would serve OK as a

Charles - S9SS

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