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Topband: Might be a good EU DX night

To: "'topband'" <>
Subject: Topband: Might be a good EU DX night
From: "Tim Duffy" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 15:29:35 -0500
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The K3LR 160 Skimmer just heard HA0NAR at 2014Z. That is one hour and 45
minutes before sunset at K3LR.

 Yes, only 3 dB above the noise floor - but still - this very early in the
day to hear anything from EU.


Using a HIZ 8 circle in phase (500 ft separation) with a HIZ 4 square -
broadside to Europe. RX is a Perseus SDR.


You can see the K3LR Skimmer output here:
<> &c=k3lr&t=de


K3LR 40 meters is off line for maintenance - but will return this evening


Happy New Year

Tim K3LR



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