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Re: Topband: FO8RZ on top band

Subject: Re: Topband: FO8RZ on top band
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 06:27:56 +0200 (CEST)
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Hello everybody.

First, I would like to thanks all the persons who answered my question on this 

Then, this is some news !

1/I have installed 160 meters kit on the HF6V.

2/Like everybody told me, I put some radials with differents lenght. It's 
really not easy to put as radials as I want, because the antenna is on the 
front of the house ...
I have 8 radials for 40 m (1/4 lenght for 40 m) and 1 about 30 meters and 
another 15 meters.
I will try to put more again.

3/I tested this yesterday night. I was sneding CQ, but nobody replied ! An 
evidence !
After a little advertising on the cluster, I had QSO with VK3ZL Bob.
I have also been heard by a JA station and TI8II heard me but I did not receive 

So, first impression are good but not excellent !
I am very surprised to have been heard in JA !!!

I will try to put more radials.

If it's not correct, I will try to install an inverted L between 2 trees, but 
the garden is not big.

I have max between the two trees : 23 meters
I have max high : 8 meters !

4/Please, may be some of you asked me on the cluster for skeds. For the moment, 
I am just testing my rig on 160. When it will be OK, I will run, but for now, 
please stop asking me all the time. I can understand that FO is rare on 160.

Thanks again to everybody.

All the best 73 from Tahiti

FO8RZ Phil

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Objet: Topband: FO8RZ on top band

Hello to all.

First sorry for my bad English language, you may find english mistakes in my 

I am FO8RZ Phil in Tahiti until 2011.

I am running 100 watts only in CW and sometimes RTTY.

I use yagi up 6 meters for 10-15-20, a inverse vee for 40-80, and HF6V (with 
warc kit) for 30-17-12.

I took also from France the 160 meters kit.
I used it in F, but it was very hard for me to contact stations out of Europe.

Many stations asked me to operate on top band. So, I will install this week-end 
the 160 meters kit on the HF6V.

I would like to know the length of the radials I have to use.

My garden is not big, the antenna is close the neighbour, so impossible to put 
150 radials on 360°.
I fou want to see how is installed the antenna, go to

On the butternut notice, they tell : L = 240/f
L in feet
f in Mhz

For 1.820 Khz, it is 131.87 ft 

I think, I will be able to put only 2 radials.
The first beamed to the 045 (USA) on 21 meters and after with a 90 corner to 
the right.
The second one beamed to the 180 and with 1 corner and beamed after to the 045.
My garden is not a big one.

Is it better to use 1 radial beamed to 045 or 2 ?

All the best 73

FO8RZ Phil
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