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Subject: Re: Topband: rigs for top band
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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 20:05:12 -0700 (PDT)
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Well, I got some interesting answers to my original inquiry about the FT-2000 
vs. Orion II. 
  In one I was told to check out the Omni VII. So, lets toss that in to  the 
equation too. I didnt consiter it because it seems like Ten Tec  concentrated 
on the internet controllability rather than true high-end  performence. Does 
anyone have real-world experience with this, either  they own it or have used 
it extensively that can share what they know? 
  In another I was told the FT-2000 has had some problems with RX overloading. 
Was this with or without MTU's hooked up? 
  Another mentioned the new K3. I know Elecraft really hit it right with  their 
K2 for a compact HF rig, the K3 just seems like an improvement  over the K2. Is 
it really a competitor in the high-end rig game? If, in  fact, it does.. I 
would rather pay less than $2k  than ~$4k HI. 
  Now.. someone mentioned the IC-7800. I know this is a nice rig and have  been 
told by a friend who has a dx9000D that its better. BUT... theres  no way Im 
going to be able to afford a rig of that expense. I know its  an investment, 
but Im going to really be pushing it with any of the  others as it is. 
  I am personally kinda going towards the FT-2000, but I want to know  from 
people that actually use these rigs what they think. Has anyone  out there used 
the FT-2000 side-by-side with any of the other higher  end rigs? Specifically 
the Orion II? Also, what difference is there in  recieve with the FT-2000 by 
itself vs. with an MTU? If Im listening to  a faint CW signal what am I going 
to notice with the MTU on vs. off?  lower band noise? higher signal strength?
  Steve, KC8QVO

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