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Subject: [TowerTalk] Johnson Roller Coils FS
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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 21:57:04 -0600
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Hello -
     I am seeking to build the "Balanced-Balanced Antenna Tuner" by Measures { 
from QST Article}. My goal is to have a remote controlled version feeding my 
160 meter full wave HOHP loop.
    I have removed partsfrom nice cond. Scientific Radio Systems #650-A { Rated 
1.0 KW HF}remote controlled antenna tuner, I believe it was unused / lightly 
used surplus. I plan to use the reversing gearmotors to drive a ganged pair of  
28 uH. roller coils and a 1000 pF. air variable.
    I have removed these nice parts from the #650-A tuner and would like to 
trade them for a nice pair of  Johnson # 229-203-1, 28 uH. roller coils, or 
equal or I will sell separately :
        Qty. 2 of Johnson # 229-0207-001 roller coils, 11.0 uH., have #8 wire, 
good for 10 amps.                 ============= These are 125.00 for pair.
        Qty. 1 of Johnson # 200-101 large,silvered, edgewound fixed inductor. 
Mounts vertically on 3 legs. { rated 45 uH } Will include several PC board 
banks of fixed caps.
            ================ Coil is 40.00       
       Qty. 1 of a large, high quality 3 pole 11 position RF switch. Has 3 
ceramic wafers well separated with heavy contacts. Also has a high quality 
braking gearmotor and a small control switch wafer at end of RF switch shaft. 
This is a Radio Switch model 86 unit, 115 VAC drive.
            ==================== Switch assembly is 75.00            
               Thanks all, Byron WA5THJ.

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