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[TowerTalk] Ham IV Stuck

Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham IV Stuck
From: Ron 'KF5JRA' Rosson via TowerTalk <>
Reply-to: Ron 'KF5JRA' Rosson <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2019 16:54:52 -0700
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First of all “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”

After a ton of googling I thought I would expand my issue to a stronger brain 
trust than Google.

I have a ham IV nestled in a Glen Martin Roof top tower with a 6’ mast and a 
K4KIO hexbeam (picture can be found here ( 
When I installed it I set it up so that my offsets CW/CCW are set at 180 and 
true north should be my zero in the middle of the ham IV rotation.

Somehow I have gotten the rotor stuck/wedged at the CW 180 stop and no matter 
what I do it aint moving. I can hear the brake solenoid disengage/engage when I 
attempt to move int but get no movement. With my installation be a little over 
three and half years old’ could something have failed already? All meter 
readings are within specs so cable is good. Is it that with the cold weather ( 
I live in Loveland, CO (7 miles south of Fort Collins & 55 miles north of 
Denver)) that I should just wait till I get a decent warm spell and part that 
this is just a frozen due to the cold.

Any ideas or assistance is much appreciated.

73 de KF5JRA
kf5jra at oneinsane dot org


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