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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] OT but relevant
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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 12:17:30 -0500
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At 12:01 PM 2/25/2016, Kathy Bookmiller/W2NK via TowerTalk wrote:
>Sorry about this but it may affect many of us eventually.
>Yesterday I went for a stress test and got some bad results. I have a left 
>bundle block and they want to me to have a pacemaker implanted ASAP.
>Obviously this is distressful as I've been in excellent health for my 68 years 
>and now this:(
>One of my first thoughts was are pacemakers prone to RFI? I asked the surgeon 
>about this and he said he'd never heard of this before in his practice. 
>I'm wondering if any of the readers here have had any experience with 
>pacemakers/RFI issues? I know over the years I've seen references to it in an 
>offhand way but didn't pay much attention as it didn't apply to myself at the 
>My beam is only 20-25' directly above me, as can be seen on my qrz page.
>Any thoughts/experiences?
>Kathy W2NK

A place to start:

      -- Tom

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