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Subject: [TowerTalk] BEE STINGS
From: (Gareth Crispell)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 11:12:19 -0400
Paul McInnish - K4BET wrote:
> Killer bees do not live in the ground...
> If the one that got you were dark in color... then they were of a variety
> of the  Hornet family and believe me, as you now know, ANY hornet sting
> is painful & can be severe with some folks.
> The medical profession will reccomend products that contain ammonia to
> reduce pain & swelling.  I use a cotton ball soaked with common household
> ammonia and it works quite well.
> Before I quit smoking, a remedy that my dad & granddad (both SK's) had
> given me and also worked... take tobacco (any product) and chew it to a
> fine wet paste and apply to the sting... also removes the pain &
> swelling.

Here on the Cape Cod beaches we often have a problem with stinging
jellyfish. The cure used most frequently on Craigville Beach is a to
make a water and Adolph's meat tenderizer paste. Liberally apply
this paste to the bite or sting. My own sad experience can confirm
this also works for other stinging critters. Ps I have also been
chased off my tractor by bees. Not much fun for sure!!

de ... N1MSV  (gary on the cape cod salt marsh) ps  There is a new
link to Aussi HAP charts on the radio section of my home page.
Interesting propagation tool for those that don't have it yet.    73
                                              the dawn of the New Age of Man,                  
     they will abide with us.                          
     Their glory and fire will burn like            
     sparks among the stubble!

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