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Re: [TowerTalk] adding 40 mtrs to C3

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] adding 40 mtrs to C3
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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 17:25:02 -0500
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Bob, I bought mine as a C-4, which had the saddle for the 40M element already 
mounted, so I can't comment on installation. The location for the 40M element 
is shown on my drawing (# dwc4.003 - 1995) as 54" from the 20M reflector 
centerline. My mast attachment is 87"  from the reflector end of the boom, so 
the 40M element would be ~87-54 = ~33" from the mast toward the reflector. Bear 
in mind that F12 had several revisions of their drawings over the years, and 
these might not be current. Best to check with Mark Hooper @ F12 for the latest 

Mine works quite well; I appreciate the ability to rotate the dipole, and it's 
bandwidth is very close to the advertised figure. I did find that I had to 
stretch the hairpin coil more than I had expected, in order to get the SWR 
minimized at resonance and thus full bandwidth. It's been up for well over ten 
years with no failures and with only minimal maintenance. 

There have been several posts on this reflector about substitute materials for 
the linear loading wire...those should be in the archives. 

Good Luck! You'll enjoy it.

73, Chuck, N4NM 

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  From: Bob K6UJ 
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  Subject: [TowerTalk] adding 40 mtrs to C3

  I have a Force 12 C3 and I'm considering buying their 40 meter dipole to 
mount on the boom of the C3.

  A couple of questions for someone that has done this to their C3:

  How does it perform on 40 meters?
  I have a copy of the C4 manual (which is a C3 with the 40 meter dipole) and 
it doesn't show 
  a dimension locating the 40M dipole on the boom, is there already a 
pre-drilled hole for adding the dipole ?
  Lastly, how difficult was it to install on the boom of the C3 ?  I think my 
C3 has their easy on mount,
  can I rotate the C3 on the mast and install the dipole without taking the C3 
down off the tower ? (I hope)


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