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What the good Dr. doesn't note is that for his system to work he "assumes"
you are conscious, have mobility and able to operate the device AFTER the

Never do tower work without someone else around, on the ground, in case you
have trouble!

After doing commercial tower work in the late '70s as well as my amateur
radio tower work since before then with a single waist belt I recently went
to an OSHA approved harness vest type and added a safety shock absorber
lanyard in case of a fall.  (I have no
association with this company whatsoever..just a customer)

Of course, every tower climber has their preference but the older I get the
more safety conscious I become (exponentially by the year!). 

73 Joel W5ZN

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fall arrest

Has anyone seen this device before 

Watch the video.  Would this be a viable system for tower work? 

The standard cable length is 30 feet, wonder if a longer one would work 


Barry - W1HFN 


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