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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Hardline
From: Mac <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 13:42:17 -0600
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I would add from my experience it is not necessary to pressurize this, if you had even considered it in the first place,  esp if you feel your connectors are waterproof. My doubt is you are not going to be using this for its power handling ability, but more likely for its attenuation qualities.

As for bending and use, well its on par with #3 rebar possibly #4 rebar. Seriously it is a PIA but if its what you want and the price is right, then your sweat equity will be well rewarded. I have a fair amount of EIA air SS fittings at no cost but for the price of shipping, including bullets as well

Best:  mac/mc  w5mc

On 12/18/2019 1:26 PM, jimlux wrote:
On 12/18/19 9:45 AM, trentkd5ia--- via TowerTalk wrote:
The local club is replacing the hardline to one of the repeaters. It is 1 5/8", air dielectric (we think) and a little over 500' long.  I have a use for it! HI  I'm just wondering how (un)flexible it is--how small can it be coiled--and how heavy is it?  Anybody have any experience with it?  A tower service company is doing the work and all I have to do is haul it off to the (my) junkpile!   I'm hoping this is my lucky day!

We have a bunch (thousands of feet) of similar coax at the JPL club station (W6VIO). You can coil it up in 5-6 foot diameter coils without too much trouble. 500 feet is going to be around 500 lbs (it's roughly 1 lb/ft).

So, hauling in the back of a pickup is totally reasonable, but you'll need something to put it in there and take it out.  I suppose 4-5 people could carry a 500 foot coil, but it's really unwieldy.

Coiling it would be a lot of work.  Hopefully, the service company will coil it for you and not just leave it in some random heap.

(if it's full of water, it's a lot heavier <grin>)

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