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[VHFcontesting] Is there analog on 6 meters?

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Is there analog on 6 meters?
From: Alan Larson <wa6azp@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2022 16:47:20 -0700
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  Is there analog on 6 meters in the contests?  I ask because I heard none
in the sprint.  I got on an hour after the start due to finishing up some
yard work, and heard nothing but white noise in the vicinity of 50.125 and
50.095, as well as tuning around.  Apparently the band was closed, as I
don't recall beacons, either.  However, I would have hoped for some actual

  Perhaps they had all moved to FT8 by that time, or perhaps they never did
analog around here.  ( I was operating portable from DM43. )

  I have seen comments (I think here) that much of 6m has gone digital with
the HF+6 rigs and operators doing digital.  I operate portable with no digi
modes.  It all has to fit in a VW Jetta.  Or, perhaps it is location.  My
favored CM87 location was just over 1800 feet elevation looking over a
large area, I have found nothing similar available near here.

  If anyone knows of good options within reasonable range of DM43bo, I'm


114 degrees predicted for Saturday....
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