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[Yaesu] ft1000mp mkV amp keying results

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Subject: [Yaesu] ft1000mp mkV amp keying results
From: d.desloovere@skynet.be (Dirk Desloovere)
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 04:50:52 +0200

Thanks for the input abt my question concerning the amp keying =
capacities of the mark V.

Since the manual is not very clear about this subject  the mailings I =
received where very usefull.

The mark V can key with the mechanical relays a sb220 (125V at 50 ma) =
since it uses the same mechanical relay as the ft1000mp.  Several users =
are using the mkV and sb220/221 combo.  In that case I advise you to put =
a 100 to 200 ohm 0.5W current limiting resistor in the SB220/221 keying =
to limit the peak discharge current of the keying circuit (see =
www.vcnet.com/measures  ) and to avoid pitting the  relay contacts of =
the Mk V.

For qsk keying a modified sb220/221 (circuit AG6K)  I have been advised =
a keying inferface either commercial a la Ameritron, Harbarchelectronics =
 (look at www.harbachelectronics.com)  or home build.

Using the 8 pin band data plug on the mkV (pin 1, 2  and 3 is needed).   =
This contact plug or cable can be supplied by Yaesu (P/N D4000019).      =

I have simply used a European DIN plug and cut off the not needed pins  =
this  modified contactplug slides easily in the rear plug of the Mk V.

Using K6XX (see  www.k6xx.com)  FT1000MP automatic band selection =
interface and keying interface guidelines I build the keying interface =
on a perf board.  The band selection interface has not been build.

I have used a 2N3904 as a buffer for the wimpy transistor inside the Mk =
V, the second transistor is a MPSA42 instead of the 2N3904 because the =
MPSA NPN transistor can handle 300V at 500mA. =20
You can use also a IRF 610 mosfet after the buffertransistor. Since I =
have used the MPSA ever since in my QSK modified SB220 for amp fast qsk =
keying with my TS850S it seems very reliable.

By the way I must say that Kenwood transceivers can be easily interfaced =
with all kind of amps than the Yaesu MkV. =20



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