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[Yaesu] Which FT1000 model to buy?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Which FT1000 model to buy?
From: morel@shani.net (morel)
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:55:14 +0200

This is Yaesu general issues reflector. There is a FT-1000MP dedicated
reflector which has much more specific info on this rig. I remember
a lot of discussions about comparison between "D" and "MP". You need 
a lot of patience to download all the rellevant bulletins.

As an owner of both models, I can tell you that the best compromise in
my opinion is the FT-1000MP, especially if you like contests.

The main "D" advantages over "MP" :

* heavy duty power supply
* very good thermal design 
* 200W output with cleaner signal purity due to the 28Vdc supply used
  instead 12Vdc of MP.
* Crossband 2nd RX operation
* Simpler ergonomy than "MP"
* extreme flexibility of RF pwr and processor controls
* better TX audio ( subjective issue )
* very few birdies

"D" rough edges:

* very heavy
* some important controls are inside the rig !!
* RX preamp and input attenuator on same knob
* much too simpler built-in CW keyer without memories
* poor antenna switching system

Few "MP" stronger points:

* Both 1st & 2nd receivers are better and more flexible than "D"
* EDSP (while not perfect) is flexible and working much better than
  a "D" with TimeWave 599ZX DSP combination.
* very flexible menu offers much more features than "D" (while many 
  are not used)
* carrier offset control
* useful quick memories system, not existent in "D" 
* sofisticated built-in keyer
* much flexible antenna switching system 
* built-in RS-232 interface for computer control and contesting logging

Some "MP" rough edges:

* control knobs & display ergonomy 
* light duty switching power supply ( while no problems reported )
* 90-100W RF output while the tuner losses can be 10W
* no birdies but there are 4-5 tuning clicks on each band
* modest AM RX quality
* flexible but not so confortable 
* modest TX audio quality when TX EDSP circuitry is used
* poor RF PWR & processor controls
* poor frequency stability with standard reference quartz crystal; need
  optional TCXO-4 unit
* poor operation manual fur such a complex rig 

1. For both models, the INRAD filters are better than original Yaesu
2. The noise blanker circuit on both models is good only for limited
   noise types and not so effective with heavy 60Hz interference .

Please let me know if you have more questions.  


AA4NC@aol.com wrote:
> I know this has been covered in detail somewhere, but my archive search didn't
> turn much up. I want to get an FT1000 model, but am unsure whether to go with
> an FT1000/D or the 1000MP. I like some features of both radios, but neither is
> a clear winner when I compare them.
> If you owners would care to share your thoughts (especially those that do or
> have owned both), I would appreciate it. I have been a happy FT990 owner for
> years, and plan to keep the 990 as well.
> My main interest is contesting, and some more important features to me are:
> an effective noise blanker (especially for 60 Hz line noise)
> power output of 120 watts for amplifier drive (will the MP do this?)
> good filtering and phase noise performance
> Thanks,
> Will

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