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[Yaesu] Noisy (as in hiss) Speaker output on FT1000mp?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Noisy (as in hiss) Speaker output on FT1000mp?
From: robin@g3tkf.demon.co.uk (Robin Thompson)
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 16:43:41 +0000
Yep ...I have been getting the same response as you for a month or so
now .... No VALID RECIPIENTS ....what ever that means ! not tried to
sort out why, so would be interested if you find a solution !
In article <qXgSkAAiWnj2EwNn@genesys.demon.co.uk>, Duncan Clark
<Duncan@dnamp.com> writes
>Sorry about the double post. I received a failure to post message for
>the first from a server so assumed it hadn't been successful so I re-
>posted. Now I've received a failure message for that one as well yet
>both have been posted OK.
>Is anyone else getting messages from the MISTI Gateway with the
>The MSG system returned the following response when attempting to send
>the attached message:
>MSGD315 - No VALID RECIPIENTS found, the MSG was stored as MSN# 00832997
>I also wonder why my .sig file wasn't automatically removed. I'll try
>this time without one!
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Robin Thompson

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