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1. [Amps] SB-220 Tune cap? (score: 1)
Author: Bill Nadzam <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 12:52:34 -0700
Hello Group; I have acquired an SB-220 that is need of a few Tune Cap plates or a new tune cap. I read some older posts were there were some that had some of these. I am about to disassemble the cap
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2. Re: [Amps] Amps Digest, Vol 186, Issue 7 (score: 1)
Author: "Bill Nadzam" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2018 09:23:08 -0700
I have sent a PDF copy via email to W7RY. de K8WN Send Amps mailing list submissions to To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
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3. [Amps] Anyone out there have parts for the AEA LA-30? (score: 1)
Author: "Bill Nadzam" <>
Date: Sun, 31 May 2020 17:22:09 -0700
I have an AEA LA-30 which needs a new Meter. I believe the Ameritron AL-80B dual meter might work, it will fit just fine at 2.8" x 2.8" However, if anyone has a meter for this amp that is working ord
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