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1. [AMPS] KR4DA (score: 1)
Author: (
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 11:20:04 -0800
Hey thats great! I'm glad you like your 91b. If you are happy, thats all that counts. I'm going to say this again....I have been voicing MY OWN account with regards to Alpha. I'm siure we can find pe
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2. [AMPS] KR4DA (score: 1)
Author: (km1h @
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 14:54:07 EST
Stan, I congratulate you. You certainly have a wealth of experience for a 27 year old Technican class licensee ( at least according to the 10/97 list on the DX Cluster). 10-4 good buddy. Ciao Carl KM
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