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9A1A ARRL ..long

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: 9A1A ARRL ..long
From: rorehoci@public.srce.hr (Robert Orehoci)
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 1996 18:23:58 +0100 (MET)
As Dick said, ARRL contest from Europe side is resting thing.Following
the sunspot we did not expect to much activity on upper band. This 
year we were suprised with 20 M on good side, but on 15 SFI do everything
to disappointed us. Total score was same as in CW part. That is also
unusually beacuse every year we do at last 1M more on CW than on SSB.

160: Great first night with signal peaking s9. Everything looks like
         that 95 score on 160 could be reached first night but at the end
         were 150. With lot of hope we wait for second night but as many
         time before we left the night with empty hands. Just 40 more
         enought to finish with 191/31
 80: Before CW part we put one beverage to US which prove our quality
        of receiving and number of QSO's, so we expect the same result this
        time. The beverage do well but few 'good boys' do better. Maybe
        60 % of night they successfully make noise, record some other
        station and leave them on our frequency. So this was reason for
        bad receiving, and many comments from US as no ears, do they use
        receiver .. I would like to apologize to them who waste they time
        trying reach us during that period. First night was ok with 400 
        and on the end with 837/47
 40: Just two years ago we do our best score always on 40m. Where gone
         that good time ? MUF drop below 7, so activity. Now we can say
         that our 4 KLM is not enough to survive the battle on 40. Only
         different between noise on 80 and 40 is that on 80 sometimes
         'good guys' gave up and gone but on 40 broadcast is always there.
         Our problem and not only our was that sometimes few EU station
         use same frequency for receiving. Maybe we should also have same
         band plan as US station. End with just 692/53
 20: That was the band.Great. We took  new tactics on 20. This is
         receipt. Take one good OP from US. Find empty chair. Open 5 beers.
         Announce they you have American hostage on couple US DX cluster.
         Wait 48 hours . Pick up log.
         Let's go back on air. First station came in the morning our just
         to say we are there. We wait 2 hour more to start really work. Rate
         were around 100. After 1 hour some noise came from 20 to 15 M. We
         check all equipment but did not find any problem, and than see
         wath is. Wind start and release break on lower antenna on 20 and
         push it 30 degr. left and right shaking elements. We solve that
         with wire anchor and rise rate to 150. At the end of first day
         band close and half our latter raise up and give us 150 qso more.
         Second day condition behave same as first day except show which
         start three times afternoon and put s-meter on s9. Good thing was
         that snow were in early afternoon when rate were bad. After snow
         we keep good rate and reach 1873/58. 
         Did I say, now you can release DICK ?
 15: We don't want to spent so much word on so bad band . First day
         one hour with 160 and whole second day with 30 more. Just N4BP
         Bob help me to be wake. 
 10: /

All equipment work OK. Mostly ALPHA and TS-950. This time without
multiplier searching just seat and call.
No need to take EMERGENCY TEAM to repair something.
For next contest we will have lower antenna on 20m rotatable

Team: 9A9A Emil , 9A6D Darko, 9A5W Niksa, 9A6A Pero, 9A2DQ Zeljko
          9A7R Braco, 9A3NR Pop, 9A2EU Zlatko, K4XU Dick & 9A3GW Robert

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