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Subject: KA9FOX SPRint
From: neader@centuryinter.net (Scott Neader)
Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 15:50:31 -0500
A two hour contest from home... cool!  My YL, Laurie, thinks they all
should be this way.  :-)

As most of you know, just got married and bought our first home last year.
I threw up an old Alpha-Delta DXCC 5-band dipole in the trees and that's
the extent of the antennas here.  The antenna is so low that I can actually
reach the connector if I jump up (and I'm only 5ft 3.5in tall).

20 totally sucked, so I spent lots of time on 40m.  After the contest, NV6O
told me I was 589 (he was +20) so the antenna seems to work OK there.  Got
thru a few pile-ups just by having a long callsign.

Have never used TR logging for this contest before, and of course didn't
try to play around with it before the contest, so I got off to a pretty
slow start.  After the first QSO didn't log the state I remembered reading
about that bug but forgot the fix, so had to stop contesting and get on
Internet to reread the message from Tree on how to fix it.

Anyway, enough excuses... here's the damage:

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs

   40CW       79          79
   20CW       16          16

 Totals       95          95   x 23 Mults = 2185

I think I get a deduction of 2185 points for sending in my log a week after
the contest.

Started out with the name FOX, heard it for a while and then it died.

Can't wait until I can put up a tower and have some real antennas.

73 Scott KA9FOX

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