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To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: WPX CW
From: km0l@tyrell.net (Steve Lufcy)
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 20:08:31 -0500 (CDT)
Here is my effort foe WPX CW:

Call: KM0L
Country: USA (Mo)
Catagory: S/O, A/B, assissted, High Power
          Tri-bander and wires
op: KM0L

Band   Q's    Pts     Pfx's
160      0      0        0       Inv L
 80      4     10        2       Inv V
 40    169    484       76       Rotatable Dipole
 20    631    870      383       A4 at 65'
 15     45     63       25       "
 10      7      6        3       "
totals 856   1433      489    =>   700,737

rig: TS-940s (new rig for me)- MLA-2500B (700 watts)

soap: 20 meters was the only game in town, and it sucked. We had T-storms 
all weekend and static crashes were horrendous- ran at least 20 db 
attenuation until Sunday afternoon when it quit thundering and lighting- 
it rained so hard that water started leaking thru the walls of the 
hamshack and into the Drake C-line. Luckily they weren't on. Did a true 
single radio operation this time to play with new rig- But even this 
jewel of a reciever couldn't bring the weak ones thru the 27,000 over s9 
static crashes. I will have to apologize to those I couldn't pull thru. I 
even shut the station for about 3 hous Sunday morning and grounded 
everything. Had to save the C-line, etc. Ended up getting about 34 hours in.
I'm a glutton for punishment.
CT wouldn't give me my hour time offs, so I'm not sure of actual time- it 
said I operated 37.6 hours. There were a couple of hours where I just 
came in and checked everything and made a contact or two and then shut it 
all down again.
Anyway- wait till I learn how to operate this fancy rig- I may become 
See you all in Field Day-
73 de KM0L Steve

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