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To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: WA7BNM WPX SOLP 40m Unast
From: bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn)
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 09:51:38 -0700
             1996 CQ World Wide WPX Contest

Call: WA7BNM                               Country: United States
Mode: CW                                  Category: Single Op, Low Power
Location: S.Calif                                   Single Band, Unassisted
Operating Time: 11.2 hours

Band    QSO     Prefixes
 40     224       173
        224       173    =    113,834

Antenna:  3-el M2 40m yagi at 55 feet


  I knew ahead of time that this was not going to be a serious effort. My
  wife had declared months ago that this was the weekend to FINALLY clean
  the garage. Didn't even bother to crank (motor) the tower up.

  Decided that 40m would be more fun than my usual choice of 15m. 11 hours
  of operation on 15m in 1995 resulted in 14k points. From the 15m results
  reported to-date by all band operations, I'm glad I switched. However,
  don't have enough experience on 40m at this time of year to know when I
  should be able to work what areas of the world.

  Spent most of the time collecting zero-point multipliers. Had brief runs
  each morning with JAs to produce enough QSO points to break 100k.

  All-in-all I had a good time. Feel like my cw abilities are improving,
  although I suffered occasional severe brain lock-up: Certain letter
  combinations still mystify me and/or my hand refuses to send what I hear.
  Not quite ready for sprints, but starting to feel more comfortable.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn@netcom.com)

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