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N2WK, SO, June VHF prelim score

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Subject: N2WK, SO, June VHF prelim score
From: rhealy@mdsroc.com (Rus Healy)
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 13:49:03 -0400 (EDT)
Here are my preliminary results from the June VHF QSO Party. Thanks a ton 
to my hosts, Wayne and Helen King. They made it great.

    Call: N2WK
Operator: NJ2L
    Grid: FN03
 Section: WNY

Band      QSOs     Grids
  50      232      111
 144      168       43
 222       48       23
 432       71       26
 903       26       16
1296       29       17
2304        9        7
3456        5        5
5760        4        3
10 G        5        2
Laser       2        1

Totals    599      254 ==> 229,362 (preliminary)

Very few rovers took to the the field in this neck of the woods--
especially on the microwave bands. Only W2HPF was reliable. I missed many
grids and Qs that are just plain easy from N2WK on the higher bands. Had a
lot of trouble getting anything going on six--it was quite a dilemma. I
*had* to stay on six a lot to work the grids, but the openings were so
widespread that stations in single-hop range didn't have any clear
frequencies for listening (at least that I was able to find). Meanwhile,
I was losing lots of Qs on 2 meters and the other bands. Activity was well
spread out on six. I had my best results CQing on 50.099 CW on Sunday
morning. Otherwise six was a battle--even with 1500 W and a good Yagi at
70 feet or so. There wasn't any enhancement on the higher bands, and
conditions to the east were particularly poor above 2 meters on Sunday

I had a very good time. We'll see how it stacks up.

--73, Rus

Rus Healy, NJ2L

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