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KE3Q 1B 2 ops FD

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Subject: KE3Q 1B 2 ops FD
From: KE3Q@aol.com (KE3Q@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 19:02:01 -0400
W3HVQ and I set up in a vacant lot near my house and did 1B 2 operators.
Those AB-577 crankup masts are great!  Put up a TB5EM Telrex 5-el tribander
and on the same pole 80 and 40 inverted vees.

1080 CW QSOs, 150 phone QSOs, about 5,500 points.

Coleman 5KW generator.  Pair of FT-1000 radios, pair of 486 computers
packet, etc.  Had 6, 2, 220, 440 but never did a thing with them.

Had a great time -- made our own tent out of a tarp slung over a rope between
an oak
and a dogwood.  Laid down another tarp and a couple sheets of plywood.  Had
"hamfest table," an 8' long thing, about 3' wide, with folding legs -- by the
way, if
you have such a table and it's been out in the garage too long and the legs
all rusty, send it along to the regalvanizer with your next load of tower
sections, came
out great!

Now, looking forward to that 8' x 24' trailer (that is close to being given
to me by the
county air quality office -- they've moved their gear to a newer one) for
next year!

73 - Rich, KE3Q

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