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K4BFT 5A FD Scores

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Subject: K4BFT 5A FD Scores
From: scotty@iquest.com (Scotty Neustadter)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 15:39:00 -0500
Several folks have asked what the antenna and station setup was for this
effort so I'll repeat the socres and include the other data.

HOT WX, no breeze and broken skyhook at end but one of our best efforts
Band   CW    SSB
80     246   340
40     580   919
20     797  1385
15     170   700
10      10
6        1    79
2             37
432            5
Novice  16   210    (KD4DXU)
Total QSO points 14670 plus bonus = 16070

Rigs: FT1000D (20 SSB & 40 SSB)  FT1000MP (10/15/40 CW)  TS850 (Novice &
20/80CW) TS 450 (15/75 SSB)
Antennas 2 element quad @ 50 ft for 20 SSB&CW and 15 SSB. Dipole @ 55 ft for
15 CW.  40 CW Vertically polarized Delta Loop and Dipole & 55ft (both also
used on 15 CW)
40 SSB Vertically polarized Delta Loop and Dipole @ 60 ft.
Novice TA33 @ 33 ft. Low Dipole on 40M.
VHF Yagis @ 50 -60 ft.
For 75/80M here is a detailed description from the station manager

I'm the 20/80 CW station manager for our club's FD in class 5A (K4BFT). We
use a 2 element "spider quad" on a 50 foot tower for 20, and an inverted vee
for 80 suspended from two 10 foot lengths of radio shack tv masting stuck
into the short pipe coupling the rotator and the quad spider.  This mast has
a long (12" or so) 1/4-20 eyebolt bent at a right angle and jamnutted
through a ballbearing which is slipped into the end of the slotted mast and
held by a hose clamp. The eye of this bolt has a stiff wire which dangles
down and hooks into the top af a standard PVC-type dipole center connector.
As the mast turns with the 20m quad, this swivel  arrangement keeps the
inverted vee from wrapping around the mast. The mast is long enough so that
the vee clears the quad when tied down to convenient trees.  We usually move
to 80 at around 0430z or whenever 20 dies out. We can often hold a run at
reasonable rates with this arrangement; this year, conditions were
particularly good and I got up to 105/hr at one point around 0600z, but we
averaged around 40/hr. As 80 becomes worked out around 1130z we switch back
to 20 and finish up there. This year, we were on 80 from 0500 to 1130z and
made 246 q's (797 on 20) which we felt pretty good about. The vee is set up
in a North-South plane, but seems fairly omnidirectional.  Hope this helps...

        Chuck, AD4Y
        for the Huntsville (AL) ARC 
        |              Chuck Lewis, AD4Y         |      
        |           clewis@ro.com                |      
        |      **Rigor Gained is Clarity Lost**          | 

Power, Two generators, one 5 KW, the other 4 KW.

Scotty Neustadter, N4PYD
FD Chair, Huntsville ARC

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