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FD 1A NC KO4PY (low power)

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Subject: FD 1A NC KO4PY (low power)
From: psoper@encore.com (Pete Soper)
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 13:32:34 EDT
Band   CW    SSB

80     57     33
40    168    169
20    184     97
15     97    176
 6      0     47
 2      0     11
pkt    11      -

total 517    536

Score = Power mult X ( ( 2 X CW ) + FONE ) + BONUS 
Score =      2     X ( ( 2 X 517) + 538  ) + 1100
Score = 3140 + 1100 = 4140
Brent, KO4PY negotiated permission and put massive work into arranging
for the FD effort on the decks of the USS North Carolina, a WWII 
battleship in Wilmington. Overnight the ship was closed and a shore 
position was used from 100 yards away.

Bob, NA4G and Tim, N4IQA set up and operated refurbished 30s and 40s 
military HF equipment near the bow and provided a beautiful public 
demo display. The estimate is more than 400 visitors viewed the demo 
station and many others passed by the HF contest station as well.

One very sweet memory of the weekend was the sound of the CW from the 
HF contest station carrying throughout the ship and across the
water to the onshore visitor areas. Many, many people heard that 
music over the weekend.

HF antennas on the ship included a 20m diamond loop, 40m vertical
and 40m dipole. On shore was a 40m vertical, 20m dipole, 80m dipole,
and 10m and 15m diamond loops. Jim, N3QYE put in a super effort to get 
Yagis for 6m and 2m yagis near the top of the superstructure (I 
guestimate 150 feet up) and they performed quite well. 6m QSOs were made
with Puerto Rico, Arizona and San Diego among others. 

We all got a "hot operator" demonstration from Nathan, N4YDU, who
burned up 15 meters Saturday afternoon with rates over 200/hr and
might have chalked up a QSO total equal that of all the the rest of 
us put together. And did I mention that it was hot? From now on I'll
 always think of the USS North Carolina as a 35k ton reflector oven!

The crew:

  Bob    NA4G
  Brent  KO4PY
  Brent  KD4SKW
  Carl   N4PY
  Ferd   AD4RC
  Jim    N3QYE
  Nathan N4YDU
  Pete   KS4XG
  Tim    N4IQA


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