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Subject: K8AZ ARRL CW M/2
From: Nzharps@aol.com (Nzharps@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 21:17:54 -0400
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The following is a short summary of the K8AZ M/2 score. Comment to follow.
  73, Ron K8NZ

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1996 ARRL CW  K8AZ  Multi-2
BAND        QSO's       Mults.
   160             71              37
     80           311              68
     40           653              88
     20         1472             104
     15           190               72
     10             12                7

                 2709              376       CLAIMED=3D 3,062,368
Station:  IC-765's (4+one on the shelf) + homebrew Amps+Ten-Tec Titan
Computer Hardware/Software:  5 networked PC's(386&486) running CT v. 9.xx=

Antennas: Four towers, many monoband yagis and some wires, 3 Beverages.
Contest Club: North Coast Contesters
Band by band comments:
    160--A decent showing from Ohio for Top Band. Saturday was the most
productive night, but Sunday appeared to have the most potential.  Too ba=
d we
ran out of contest before we could find out.
      80-- Horrible conditions first night with high QRN.  "Robert-tail"
vertical array seemed to outperform 2-L yagi on Friday.  More normal
conditions on Saturday, but lack of activity hurt.
      40-- No replay of terrific conditions from 95 ARRL on this band.
Things very average except for decent JA opening on Sunday morning.
       20-- With present solar numbers, there is no meters like 20 meters=
Ohio. W8KIC just kept pounding on the band until it submitted and gave up=
Gratified to be reasonably close to K3LR after a slow start on Saturday.
       15-- Traditionally our money band, but not with these conditions. =
about 70 QSO's by 1600z on Sunday.  Band opened to EU and heard many loud=

sigs direct. Too bad many folks stayed on 20 this could have been a big b=
for us.
       10-- How much worse can things get?? Thought conditions were bad i=
'77, but we now have new 10m lousy conditons stories to tell the
Grandchildren.  Only 2 Q's on the first day and a whopping 10 on Sunday.
Happy to bring ZK1WTS up from 15 for only PAC.  Suprised at how loud VP9M=
       Hope to have better conditions in two weeks for SSB.  Special than=
to Tom, K8AZ for use of the great station and his legendary hospitality(h=
feeds us all weekend plus has great Scotch afterwards).  Also big TNX to =
who makes the best Omlets in the contest world to keep us going on Sunday=
      For the Crew at AZ,
      Ron, K8NZ


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