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Subject: PI4AA IARU HF Champs
From: norf@euronet.nl (Rob Snieder PA3ERC)
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 17:35:56 -0400
Some members of the Contestgroup Oude Maas PI4COM will participate
this year in the HF Champs contest as PI4AA the VERON joker station.
We will have 3 stations in the air runing on all bands in combination
with our anual barbeque party, so lotts of activity in the beginning
but later . . . depends on the beer. See you in the contest and good
luck to all WRTC stations!

73 Rob
Rob Snieder PA3ERC 

member of Contestgroup Oude Maas PI4COM/PA6WPX

Homepage PI4COM : http://www.euronet.nl/users/norf/pi4com.html
                  Now with lots of picture of the station !

WF1B FRIEND.INI : http://ids.net/~wf1b/updates.html

Internet e-mail : norf@euronet.nl
Packet Radio    : PA3ERC@PI8MBQ
PacketCluster   : PA3ERC > PI8DXC

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